kagan mcleod's infinite kung funever before in the history of martial arts or comic books have you seen kung fu like this!

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infinite kung fu press
“McLeod’s unique brand of comic book wizardry practically oozes out of every panel.”
Complex Mag

Infinite Kung Fu has some of the tightest fight scenes you'll find in comics.

“The best elements of horror, westerns, and of course, kung fu films are seamlessly interlaced to tell a highly imaginative tale. You couldn’t sandblast the smile from my face as I read this.”

Ain't It Cool News

“INFINITE KUNG FU is glorious and deranged in the way that all comics should be."
Warren Ellis, author of Red, Transmetropolitan, and Crooked Little Vein

“If Egon Schiele and Yim Wing Chun had had a son together he’d be called Kagan McLeod. INFINITE KUNG FU is like a bitch slap to your imagination. I am a
BIG fan.”

Geof Darrow, author and artist of Shaolin Cowboy and conceptual designer on The Matrix

“One of the greatest martial arts stories of all time told in comics form.”
Comic Book Resources

“ Kagan McLeod's INFINITE KUNG FU is a masterpiece. Arguably the best martial arts comic to be created by a round-eye devil. ”
David Walker, Bad Azz Mofo

“No title has captured the flavor of old school kung fu movies quite as thoroughly or lovingly as Kagan McLeod’s INFINITE KUNG FU.”
Inside Kung Fu

“The great strength of this graphic novel is its originality, but equally impressive are McLeod’s extraordinary illustrations and compelling narrative.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Congratulations to Kagan McLeod, a brilliant writer and artist, for successfully creating his unique and much welcome addition to the extended kung fu family.”

Gordon Liu, star of Kill Bill and
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

“If you are looking for a book that is incredibly well told, both from a written and artistic standpoint, while also being completely unlike anything you’ve ever read, make sure to pick up INFINITE KUNG FU.”
Multiversity Comics

“One of the best recent efforts in the genre from a Western creator.”
Comics Bulletin

“This remarkable work derserves a MUCH WIDER AUDIENCE.”
Broken Pencil

“INFINITE KUNG FU is, to my mind, very nearly a perfect comic. It’s a fast, entertaining read suffused with intelligence, a lovely artistic style and a genuine love for the genre.”

“INFINITE KUNG FU combines kung fu and blaxploitation with lethal results.”
The Source